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To my Fans

Host of the Legacy Award Winning “The Queen Silvy Show” (Silvy interviews, jokes and features  a variety of talents from around the world) , Host of the "Know You Know Show" , Host on "Tim's Tid-Bits" show.

Be prepared for nonstop laughter as Silvy brings a humorous yet serious perspective of everyday life in her “keeping it real” comedy.
Silvy has featured her talents on Television, Commercials, Radio and Comedy Clubs throughout the United States.
Laffs Comedy Club,
Improv Comedy Clubs,
Backdoor Comedy Club,
Theater-Theater (Hollywood),
Broadway Comedy Club (New York)
Sandy Station Comedy Club (Salt Lake City)
Grumpy Dave’s Comedy Club (Bowling Green)
Dallas Highlife Television
and many, many others.

Currently Queen Silvy hosts her own two hour entertainment show every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm EST on
Facebook - The Queen Silvy Show Live  or YouTube  ​  or on Twitch

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